We seven and we have to stay driven 🚗

Week seven and we have to stay driven. This week has had a different vibe when it comes to PBB, kinda like a calm before the storm. Our store seems to have grown on a more personal level with many different sentimental posts. We also have a lot of folks liking our products and it is our hopes that those likes turn into more in the near future in regards to networking and sales. We have added many more friends to our site and have added more products in spirts throughout the week, we are still trying to figure out whether it is better to add one item at a time or post all at once. Our advertising using local post sites have been limited in hopes of not scaring off all our wonderful customers we have already gained by the annoyance of a pop up in every place we have posted to in the news feed. We want to make sales of course but not at any of our customers expense. We are so happy here at PBB to be able to get to know each and everyone of you and be a part of your daily lives and are truly greatful for all you do. Have a fabulous week to come and we hope you will join us in all our new products we will offer this week and the weeks to come. Thank you for being the best part of Precious Bloomers Boutique.

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