Week 3 Was Meant To Be

Week 3 Was Meant To Be
This week we introduced even more adorable dresses to our already precious stock! Fall is here and what we have on preciousbloomers.com includes various long sleeve options. As we work together we soon will be able to get a full understanding on what stock we need to keep, add and what we need to remove. I am still trying to get a understanding of what my customer really wants, whether its the same dress or some new products? Some questions that will be answered in time are whether one product is marketed too much or yet another not enough. Also we are trying out different marketing strategies this week and are yet to find the best suited for our site. I have been stressing the importants of purchasing our most popular dress "the unicorn dress" before stock is limited and shipping becomes an issue. Wish me luck as I venture into a new week.

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