Week 4 Let's Make Our Mark With This Store

Week Four Lets Make Our Mark With This Store! Precious Bloomers Boutique has added many different fall styles to choose from. We have broadened our horizon by adding atleast 7 more to our already great collection. We have so many new super cute outfits, some of which are halloween themed with ghosts, and witches and of course pumpkins. New opportunities have fallen into my lap when it came to pleasing my customers this week which was very rewarding. New challenges have came my way in regards to fullfilling a customers needs when purchasing an item out of stock or not made in a certain size. In these situations I was able to satisfy the customer by offering other clothing options and that just made me feel great! Each week I am learning more about what limits I may or may not have and above all "to think outside the box". As a small business owner it is essential to figure out how to separate work from home life and this can be a challenge in itself. My main focus this week was to start adding monthly collections in which will be for a limited time as well as updating previous stock. I also made a lot of new friends this week and have been still trying to figure out the essentials on just the right marketing for my business. Which believe it or not had the best turn over when posting on swip swap and market place type pages. I look forward to whats in "store" for preciousbloomers.com Let's make this happen!

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