Week 5 Precious Bloomers Boutique Is Alive

Week five Precious Bloomers Boutique is alive.
This past week has been a bit different than the past four weeks.This week I have put most of my efforts in growing my clientele in hopes of getting the word out about our new inexpensive children boutique. In order to do this I invited many potential clients to join our page on facebook and I made this selections based on similiar interests and of course children or grand children and/or mutual friends. Instead of spending time printing labels and shipping items, this week was by far more of a social advertising week. I have had so many positive comments on the clothing line we are offering and this made me feel fabulous and gave me that extra push to do even more during a typical hectic week of work and family life. I am excited to have gained new interest to our boutique with 25 new friends and followers. This past week I also did my first trunk show where I showed off my quality merchandise and low prices and had my viewers in awe. I have noticed a variety of different preferences in my customers interest in children clothing, some were looking for a cowgirl dress, some interested in fall colors, while others were interested in finding a dress that would look great for a wedding or even suit well for a funeral. I did my best in order to fulfill my customers needs by adding custom picked items to my already stock in order for purchase to be made. This While listening to my customers this week I noticed an increased desire for the children clothing I sell to be available in adult size. Well guess what! I ended up adding a mom andme line in order to just do that. I am super excited to give both mom and child the opportunity to show off Precious Bloomers Boutique outfits not only by themselves but together...and everybody is happy. :) Every day I like to add atleast one new outfit or dress to my stock but this week has been an overload of new clothes options. I am still trying to find out the correct amount of advertising and determine what is too much and too little in order to make the most desired sale. The results of advertising this week has been hit and miss this week and I look forward to a steady flow of business. I also stressed the fact that purchases need to be made in timely manner in order for clothing to arrive in time for Halloween. Here is to a socially successful and yet another educational week here at PBB.

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