Week 8 Precious Bloomers Boutique is great!

Precious Bloomers Boutique is starting to be known in our precious town of St. Augustine. With various local advertising oportunities offered this past week we are sure to choose which one fits PBB's unique needs in the near future. Just as our customer is looking for that perfect little outfit or dress our shop has been on the search for the most cost effective solution in marketing our product and to pinpoint who our target consumers are so we can be able to make sales and keep on the right track. Our unicorn dress as always is the most sought after dress in this town and my mission this past week was to put the unicorn dress on the down low so some of our other amazing looking and quality outfits and dresses could be advertised. As a business owner I acknowledge that our most famous product can no longer stay on the down low and we will be bringing it back into the lime light to make those much needed sales. In the past few weeks we have been putting a lot of time into our seasonal lines. We carried on from halloween dresses last month to thanksgiving and fall looking styles this month. We have offered various different discount codes that still are functional from 10% off next purchase for returning customer, weekend 15% off, and now a 15% off continuing into the week. Today we are offering free shipping for a limited time for thanksgiving and we would like to give thanks to all our loyal customers. Our Black friday offers are yet to come. To all our amazing followers, family, friends and consumers THANK YOU and have a Happy Thanksgiving!🍗😁

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