Week one @ preciousbloomers.com has been a whirl!

Week one of Precious Bloomers Boutique has been a whirl!
This first week at Precious Bloomers has been an educational experience. What I have learned thus far is that my customers are interested in seeing one item at a time and having it available for pickup. I have also learned that customers are more comfortable buying from your website after they get to know you otherwise they just like to look at page and not buy products. How preciousbloomers.com works is if I have product on hand and you are local to St. Augustine I will do a meet up and the customer pays for product before or when we meet but if I only offer product on my site or if I am out of stock here in town you will need to go to preciousbloomers.com add item to cart and check out and I will have product delivered to you home. I want to give everyone a heads up I am a real person and my website is safe to make purchases from and your information is protected and I do not have access to your credit card and info is not saved unless you ask it to be. Also, you will get your items in a timely manner and if their were to be any issue with your orders I will let you know asap and I will do to the best of abilities to resolve any issues. Precious Bloomers is here for you and we want to provide you and your little ones with a great look for a fabulous price and we look forward to your future business. Thank you again for a great educational week in getting to know what you need.

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