About Us

Hi there! First I would like to introduce myself as Natalie Pickles, founder and owner of Precious Bloomers Boutique. I am so glad you have chosen PBB! It is our promise to bring you and your family quality clothing at a fantastic price.
  I live here in Saint Augustine, Florida also known to me and my family as "paradise."  I love this town and all the people in it! The place where I call home has just about everything to offer and then some. Although one thing I have noticed in the last seven years of living here is that we do not have much options when it comes to children clothing. That is part of the reason why I have created this virtual shop for you all.
I absolutly love the show fixer upper and I was inspired by Joanna Gaines who started her own boutique with limited cash and a baby on her hip and as you all see their business has grown to have much success. Life is about being determined and getting out there and doing what you always wanted to do and that is yet another reason why I opened this online boutique.
 Vintage is my passion. When it comes to pastels and a vintage look, I'm all in. I have noticed that trendy clothing for young children is very limited in my area and espiecially if it were to have a vintage look! We not only offer you an amazing head turning look, it's also affordable. We want to bring your family a look in dress wear that is sought after and until now could only be seen with movie stars children and that is a great price and of course brand new. The goal of Precious Bloomers Boutique is to make you happy by offering you adorable and affordable clothing. So share the love and spread the word of preciousbloomers.com and the style so that we can help as many families as possible continue or start wearing super trendy outfits. These adorable looking styles are also great quality and pay attention to fine detail. I love to bargain shop and I'm sure you do to, so lets make this happen! I would like to dedicate my inspiration and ability to do this to God and also thank my amazing family and friends for all the support. Enjoy!